if at first you don’t succeed

December 13, 2010 § 4 Comments

try and try again….right? i found a recipe for sweet potato bread in a library book and i happened to have leftover sweet potatoes. well this past week i attempted to make what i thought would be a delicous moist and fluffy sweet potato bread. imagine hawaiian sweet bread (for those of you not familiar, it’s acutal sweet. bread. i made the mistake of ordering sweetbread and apples at a restaurant expecting bread and apples, whoops!) meets banana bread meets a streussal topping. yes, i was drooling. this recipe for sweet potato bread called for yeast. my experience with yeast doughs consists of pizza dough and the infamous no knead bread. so i am not sure if my missstep was over kneading, under kneading, water was not warm enough for the yeast, added too much flour while kneading (i mean look at my hands, good thing i will be going to school!), or all of the above?  needless to say, this dream didn’t become a reality.  out of my oven came this hideous flat orange brick.  although i ate a slice, i wouldn’t share it with anyone. oh well, back to the kitchen with this one.  not sure if i should post the recipe. let me know if you want it and i will go ahead and add it on. do you have any advice for yeast breads?


§ 4 Responses to if at first you don’t succeed

  • Ann says:

    The expert voice on all culinary mishaps and such due to the chemistry of baking is Shirley Corriher – she’s written books that contain all of her knowledge – can’t think of the name of the book but if you look for her name on Amazon I’m sure it will come up.

    My only experiences with yeast dough is pizza and cinnamon rolls…as for your experience there could be more than one reason for the mishap! The age of the yeast, the temp of the water as you suggested – should be between 105 – 110F from what I can recall – maybe there is an error in the recipe! This has been known to happen more than you would imagine! Why not post the recipe and see if anyone can determine what the problem is.

  • Bianca says:

    You go girl!!!!!

  • Tnye says:

    The blog looks great, why do my friends blogs all have to be about food. Makes me hungry.

    I wish you the best with opening your bakery!

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