back in the saddle

January 15, 2011 § 5 Comments

for the absence. i could pretend that there was some worth while
cause that required all of my attention for weeks on end, however,
that would be a lie. what really happened was i went on vacation, i
slept a lot and discovered 24 on instant netflix. second, i
didn’t really make anything that was that exciting to share with
y’all until now. i love crepes. love them. i tend to forget how
amazing they are and then put one in my mouth and mentally scold
myself for waiting so long. i have to hand it to the french. they
came up with the most sophisticated way to eat butter. really. a
crepe is the most delicious buttery dessert ever. i don’t bother
with nutella, fruit or liquor. those flavors just compromise
the integrity of the most important flavor, butter. i am happy to
report that i made my first successful crepe all by myself. i
inhaled it just minutes ago, before dinner was even finished. i
must admit it’s slightly awesome when someone else makes them for
you. as soon as one is gone another appears. however, there
is lots of satisfaction in knowing that i can now satisfy my crepe
cravings all on my own. this recipe i got from which is a sin because
my husband is french and i know i should be passing along some
super secret recipe. i am making a mental note right now to
ask my mother-in-law for her recipe and i will report back. in the
mean time walk away from the computer and go make some crepes. you
already have everything in your kitchen. promise.

crepes adapted from just a little note that
i do remember from my mother-in-law, the first crepe always fails.
don’t be discouraged. she’s been making crepes longer than i have
been alive. 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 eggs 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup
water (i ended up using about 3/4 cup water total) 1/4 tsp salt 2
tbsp butter melted toppings: butter granulated sugar disclaimer:
the recipe had some fancy way of mixing all the ingredients, from
the comments i gathered that it didn’t work that well. i know
according to the goddess Shirley it matters, however, i really
haven’t figured that out yet. they way i mixed it turned out just
fine. please share your secrets if you know about adding dry to wet
and wet to dry… mix together eggs, milk and water. add
flour to liquid mixture stir. add melted butter and salt. stir
really will with a whisk. the mixture should be soupy and runny
compared to pancake batter, similar to the consistency of heavy
cream. heat a saute pan over medium heat. use a paper towel to
grease pan with butter (you don’t want lots of fat in the pan).
donate the first crepe to the crepe gods. clean out mess that
will most likely be left behind. start again, with confidence!
grease pan, ladle about 1/4 cup of batter into pan (just throw it
down in one spot), take the pan off the burner and swirl the pan
(use your wrist to make the swirly motion) so the the batter covers
the surface area of the pan. when the top of the crepe is dry
(about 45 -60 seconds) flip the crepe over (remove the pan from
heat if you’re not sure how long it will take you to flip it). it
should have a few brown marks on it. cook the other side for about
30 more seconds. then douse with your favorite toppings.
inhale immediately. kidding, they will be delicious whenever you
chose to eat them. this batter will keep for about a day in
the refrigerator. here is a youtube video in case what i just said
doesn’t make sense. like i said, i have a crepe maker in the
family so i have been spoiled. bon appetit!


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§ 5 Responses to back in the saddle

  • Christy says:

    More! More! 😉

  • Ann says:

    Crepe is not only a French food….my parents were from the former Czechoslovakia – my mother from what is now known as Slovakia – she would make palacinky – very similar to French crepe – maybe a bit thicker than a crepe – and she filled them with sweetened cottage cheese or a jam and roll them up. Sometimes melted butter poured over and a sprinkling of powdered sugar which makes all pastries look fancy! Here’s an old blog I found from 2007 about palacinky – brought back some memories reading it about the Slovak foods I grew up on.

  • Ariana says:

    Crepes are my favorite! The first time I made them was with
    my friend who’s mother was from France for a class party and I’ve
    loved them ever since. Only challenge I have is not having a crepe
    pan. I find it is so hard to flip them when the lip is higher then
    1/2 an inch. Suggestions?

    • I use my regular sauté pan and I use a fork to peel back the edge on one side and then use my fingers to flip the crepe. I will pay better attention next time. Perhaps even make a video?

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