no knead bread

January 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

never fear! the no knead bread recipe is here. this recipe is especially great if you are intimidated by recipes that call for yeast. after you make this one you have total bragging rights.  the loaf of bread that comes out of the oven is beautiful and golden brown with a crispy crunchy crust.  this bread stands up to just about anything, confiture, a hearty winter soup, green eggs and ham.  you name it, it’s that awesome.

i have to admit, there is one thing that is a little annoying about the recipe.  the length of time that is involved in completing this recipe.  there is a 12-18 hour window where you need to let the dough rise.  you kind of have to plan your whole day around the recipe.  keep that in mind when you start the recipe because i would hate for that 12-18 window to roll around at 3am. however, let me assure you that it is totally worth the minor inconvenience. you get an amazing loaf of bread with an incredible crust that will impress even the toughest bread critics (like a french bread snob that i know). warning, it will disappear quickly.  take a photo so you have some proof that you actually made it.

no knead bread

i am just going to link to the website where it is posted. the only change i made is i doubled the salt. my bragging pictures are below. hopefully they will make you drool! when i make this again, i may get a little creative and throw in some olives and rosemary. let me know what crazy combos you come up with.

here is the turned out dough rising for just a bit before baking.

the bread cooling in my cast iron pot. i have also made it in a glass pyrex bowl. it came out just as awesome.

buttered, (of course) and all jammed up.



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