May 31, 2012 § 11 Comments

wow, so it’s been quite a while! how have you been? for the three of you that read this aside from my mom and dad, i just want to give you an update. since my last post forever ago, i’ve had a baby, oliver, and returned to work full time. now that i’ve acclimated to the crazy (and a friend demanded requested macaroons for her birthday) i’m ready to add baking and spontaneous blogging to the mix.

i stayed away because i wanted to present perfectly plated and scrumptious styled food. Clearly that was no longer always possible as i was only eating spoonfuls of peanut better and an occasional bowl of miso soup for about 4 months. additionally, in my head i set the bar so high that failure wasn’t an option so why try!? i hate failing and being vulnerable as much as the next person, however, since becoming a mama I view “failing” a bit differently. there is really no room to feel like a failure every minute as a new mom. an attitude shift quickly ensued. so thanks oliver, you’re not even a teenager and already you know everything, you take after me i see.

so here’s to my continued journey full of detours, failures, creative messes, lots of joy and success.


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