summer squash & goat cheese quiche

June 12, 2012 § 5 Comments

this was my go to dinner to keep sunday a low maintenance day. i think it’s essential to have some recipes that can be tweaked to meet your cravings and whatever you have on hand. a quiche is the perfect vessel to accomplish just that. if you keep pie crust in the freezer it’s even easier (totally what i do). however, if you want to be a hero, go ahead and make your own. here are some good ones here, (full fat) here (a bit healthy) and here (gluten free).

i didn’t measure anything when i made this recipe. i would like to encourage you to do the same! take a gander in your fridge and your pantry. maybe you have some items that need to be eaten but you aren’t feeling so inspired, spinach anyone? while baking is more of a science than cooking and quiche is technically a baked item…i get it if you feel more comfortable following a recipe. however, let me share my logic with you, scrambled eggs with add-ins in pie crust*.

in this quiche

1 frozen pie crust i prebaked it to shorten overall baking time, i guess all the time added together=same long cooking time. genius. for some reason i preferred it this time around.

2 medium sized yellow squash, cut on a mandeolin (can i get a hallelujah for the invention of that thing?)

about 1 cup of milk (i used goat milk)

2 eggs

about 1/3 cup goat cheese, 1/2 for in the egg mixture 1/2 as garnish

about 1 tsp mustard (the french snob that resides in my house insists on maille mustard)

salt & pepper

some fresh chives from the porch garden

see? not that scary. just whip up enough liquid to fill the tart pan (or cake pan) and viola you’ve got a quiche. i’m on a mission to reclaim the word fail, so go for it, fail at it. no big deal, so it won’t be the quiche you serve your in laws (or maybe it will be depending on your relationship). but you know what? you’ll get better at it. and pretty soon everyone will be asking you for your famous quiche recipe. and you can reply, “oh, this? this old thing? it’s just something i whipped up on a whim!” and before you know it, you’ll be the next master chef.

a few tips:

be sure to grease your baking container and, this is important, put the baking dish on a baking sheet when you put it in the oven. this will prevent the smoke alarm from going off in the future if the quiche leaks or bakes over.

keep it bite sized. not real attractive when you bite into your quiche and you have have a leaf of swiss chard falling out of your mouth.

think about how hearty the food is you’re putting into the quiche, would it taste better sautéed first? for example, you’d want to precook broccoli, onions on the other hand would be more of a personal preference.

keep it simple i would say 4 ingredients is plenty and 2 minimum. ignore me and follow your instincts if you dare!

don’t forget the salt!

*so as i was researching some ratios and tips, come to find there are some serious opinionsthe definition of quiche. if that is what you’re after find a recipe and follow it exactly as stated.


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