just beet it – chilled beet soup

July 30, 2012 § 5 Comments

i couldn’t resist! ha ha. so beets, do you like them? if you don’t have you tasted one as an adult, or is it a dislike leftover from childhood? it seemed to be the general consensus that beets around these parts that beets suck. i’m posting today in defense of the beet! not only do they taste good, they are good for you! read more about that here.

my exposure to beets as a kid comes from my mother. this in the form of her ritual of sliced canned beets dipped in mayonnaise. for some reason i thought my mom eating beets dipped in mayo was tre sophisticated, i would often bring it up in conversation and tell people, oh yeah, we eat beets. dipped in mayo. until on day, my mom took me aside and explained that she really just ate beets that way as an excuse to eat mayo. hey mom, since that time, i have learned that in france, they dip carrots in mayo! so mom you were on to something.

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strawberry rhubarb crisp

July 23, 2012 § 2 Comments


i’m over at simply living this week. check out my recipe for a wonderful strawberry rhubarb crisp!

curried lentils with butternut squash

July 9, 2012 § 9 Comments

it was a busy week last week! a birthday, a holiday and family visiting from out of town, it feels like christmas in july. amidst all the festivities i managed to steal sometime for myself and cook. there are some nights where cooking feels like a chore and then there are other nights where cooking feels like the best creative outlet. I feel alive, and excited that i get to create these small treasures and then force my whole family to eat them. one great thing about being married to someone who doesn’t care about food and having a son that can’t voice his opinion yet (well with words anyway) is i get to make whatever the fuck i want when i want. and you know what, after being at work all day, it’s quite to be able to call the shots and not have someone say i don’t want that…so thanks severin and oliver, for putting up with my bossy pants.

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