blueberries galore

September 19, 2012 § 5 Comments

we hit a pretty important milestone here at the sorel household. on august 26th the little snicklefritz of the house turned one. i’ll let that sink in. ONE. needless to say, there was cause for a wild and crazy celebration, which resulted in 3 blueberry desserts. oliver can eat his weight in blueberries. i’m fairly certain he inherited this trait from my mom. she too can probably eat her weight in blueberries. when oliver was a teensy olive, he didn’t tolerate dairy protein in my breast milk. i’ve spent the better part of the year avoiding dairy. now that oliver’s older, and that’s not a problem i’ve become quite fond of our new eating habits. ┬ásince then i’ve been destroying our kitchen figuring out new ways to satisfy my dairy free sweet tooth without compromising on flavor. i think these three deserts sum it up pretty nicely.

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keepin’ it real

September 3, 2012 § 3 Comments

i attempted to make this delicious pistachio pound cake. it tastes fantastic. needless to say it looks like ass. i knew as I was filling my loaf pan that it wasn’t going to work (i ignored the pan size measurements). oh well. lesson learned.

this weekend wasn’t all bad. there will be some goodies to come.

severin made me a little note so I don’t quit making food. he’ll starve.

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