the soup whisperer + kale and white bean soup

January 6, 2013 § 3 Comments


this may or may not be one of my new years resolutions, to become a soup whisperer. let’s just say my aspiration is to always make a delicious soup. currently, there are times when i’m the only person that enjoys my soups. so i guess i’m my own soup whisperer? not ready for the masses quite yet. i love soup for a variety reasons. it’s cheap, you can consume a lot of vegetables in an effortless delicious manner and you basically don’t have to think, just compile the veggies that are about to rot that you paid 5 million dollars for.

i have devised a few tips i have accumulated over the years aspiring to be a soup whisperer. i share them after the jump. what are your favorite soup recipes, any secret soup weapons?

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