the soup whisperer + kale and white bean soup

January 6, 2013 § 3 Comments


this may or may not be one of my new years resolutions, to become a soup whisperer. let’s just say my aspiration is to always make a delicious soup. currently, there are times when i’m the only person that enjoys my soups. so i guess i’m my own soup whisperer? not ready for the masses quite yet. i love soup for a variety reasons. it’s cheap, you can consume a lot of vegetables in an effortless delicious manner and you basically don’t have to think, just compile the veggies that are about to rot that you paid 5 million dollars for.

i have devised a few tips i have accumulated over the years aspiring to be a soup whisperer. i share them after the jump. what are your favorite soup recipes, any secret soup weapons?


become a soup whisperer

1. cook. blending all kind of vegetables together is typically my go to. when using this method i would suggest sticking with similar colored vegetables. but a brown soup isn’t so off putting, or is it? go with whatever is on hand. i think what’s most appealing about homemade soups is utilizing what’s on hand and the ease of just being able to throw something delicious and healthy together.  take what vegetables are on hand and cook them, either sauté them or roast them. you can even roast the garlic and onions. roasting gives you a bit of a richer flavor.

2. spice. sea salt. use it. other seasoning, paprika is used in the kale soup recipe. i had never used it before and really enjoyed the flavor. bay leaves are also traditionally used in soups, be sure to remove before you blend. experiment! you can use cheesecloth to add some spices before you you blend it and then you can easily remove them.

3. blend. blend everything together. heads up, don’t close the lid of the blender entirely (the steam needs to escape) or you will have soup for wallpaper. i speak from experience. you’re welcome. 3.5 white beans my secret weapon. when making a green soup and i want it to have more body and be creamy i puree a can of rinsed white beans with the greens. extra protein too!

3. acid. without acid i find soups taste really flat and boring. acid is the secret to cure this. sometimes citrus works well, lemon or lime (i add it after the soup is off the heat). other times i’ll use vinegar, apple cider, white balsamic or red wine. squash based soups work well with apple cider vinegar, light green soups work with lemon. play, see what tickles your fancy.

4. garnish. fresh herbs, yogurt, goat cheese, crispy bacon or pancetta just a few of my favorites. and voila! you too are now a soup whisperer. happy fucking new year.

kale and white bean soup

adapted from my new roots

tbsp ghee or coconut oil

1 medium onion, sliced

6 cloves of garlic, minced

1 tsp smoked paprika

3 bay leaves

pinch chili flakes

sea salt

fresh cracked black pepper

1 can white beans (any variety) rinsed

1 box (32 oz) broth

2 cups shredded kale, stems removed

1 can (14 oz) chopped tomatoes

heat ghee in large stock pot. add onion to the pot with all the seasoning and bay leaves. sauté onions until they’re translucent, then add garlic. add the remaining ingredients bring to a boil. season to taste and serve.


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§ 3 Responses to the soup whisperer + kale and white bean soup

  • Aloha,
    You must have been spying on me or reading my mind. I have a big pot of Portuguese bean soup on the stove right now – just finished it and Terry is having a bowl or two – I’ve taste it so many times during the cooking process I think have already eaten a bowl or two myself! I got the “recipe” from a good friends who is half Portuguese and half Chinese. She had given us a container of her soup last week and it was the most delicious Portuguese Bean soup I had ever had. I asked her for the recipe but she is an “intuitive” cook and mostly cooks without recipes so she just wrote out the method she used and the ingredients used.

    I used my experience and estimated the quantities and I guess I did okay as the soup is delicious!!

    Now the problem of cooling a big pot of soup before putting it in containers in the fridge…in the winter in NYC all I had to do was pour the hot soup out on a sheet pan and put the pan on our balcony and at 30 degrees the soup cooled off quickly! But it’s 75F outside this evening so I’ll have to put ice packs under the sheet pan to be sure the soup cools off sufficiently before I refrigerate it.

    So that’s my soup story Ms. Soup Whisperer!

  • Carol says:

    Tried this soup for lunch today with kale from the garden. Squeezed a little lemon in the soup before serving it. We loved it – will make this again.

  • Derrick says:

    This looks really good. I am going to try the soup whisperer tips 🙂

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