in an effort to indulge in the simple joys of life, i’ve created this blog to share my love of cooking and eating. lets be honest, eating. i have found that cooking with the intention of feeding and nourishing my family turns this chore into a pleasure (for the most part). while this is my goal and i manage most days, i most defiantly have hard days.  just the other day oliver ate two hot dog buns for dinner. it’s life, shit happens or doesn’t happen. it’s my goal to keep it simple and flavorful whole foods. my mom was right, you are what you eat. now that i have a toddler following my every move and wanting everything i put in my mouth, i try (TRY) to limit my french fry and milkshake intake. perfectionism and exclucivity don’t live here.

my food background is a bit unusual, i grew up in hawaii eating a wide variety of asian and hawaiian foods. hawaii is a giant melting pot of cultures unlike anywhere else in the world. as babies my sister and i enjoyed kimchee and poi (not at the same time) and of course i’ve had my fair share of spam. i know, i know. i still enjoy it so get over it.  my husband hails from france and i gain approximately 5 pounds every time i set foot in that country. and now i live in astoria, ny eating my way through the approximately 142 nationalities represented through restaurants in this diverse county.

in this new found shift to healthier foods (i sometimes fall off the wagon), i have developed some delicious creations like vegan ice cream, it’s not all tofu hotdogs and cardboard, promise. i hope this blog provides you with some inspiration and courage to dust off the spatula. please stick around and say hello.


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  • Christy says:

    I love this blog! More, more, more!!!!

  • Ann says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Love your new blog – just heard from Carol today about it. I hope the journey to YOUR bakery is a short and sweet one!

  • MR. CUTBACK says:


  • Jessica Sanchez says:

    Omg-Jen delete those! I didn’t finish my comment and this thing posted on its own 2x! Anyway-perfect looking cookie, heaven in your mouth, everyone should make them! Then call me so I can have more! There-I’m done! Post!

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