the soup whisperer + kale and white bean soup

January 6, 2013 § 3 Comments


this may or may not be one of my new years resolutions, to become a soup whisperer. let’s just say my aspiration is to always make a delicious soup. currently, there are times when i’m the only person that enjoys my soups. so i guess i’m my own soup whisperer? not ready for the masses quite yet. i love soup for a variety reasons. it’s cheap, you can consume a lot of vegetables in an effortless delicious manner and you basically don’t have to think, just compile the veggies that are about to rot that you paid 5 million dollars for.

i have devised a few tips i have accumulated over the years aspiring to be a soup whisperer. i share them after the jump. what are your favorite soup recipes, any secret soup weapons?

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raw beetroot and cranberry tartlette

December 18, 2012 § 2 Comments


i stumbled across this wonderful blog, this rawsome vegan life, a few weeks ago and recently read this post about a decadent layered raw cake. the second i saw beet juice in the red layer i knew i had to create my own concoction. you know how much i love beets and raw cake, see here and here.

this version of the raw cake is a bit different than my previous versions. i added a new ingredient, young coconut meat. it’s really creamy and soft with a mild flavor. i think it made for a nice addition. i have seen this ingredient in other recipes but i must admit, i was a bit intimidated about opening the coconut and extracting the meat. would i need a cleaver? harness my hulk strength, throw it on the pavement and hope for the best? usually when i’m intimidated by something  i tend to research the shit out of it, freak out, change my mind, think about it for a week and then try it about 6 months later, maybe.  fear of failure? anyone else experience this? this time i surprised myself, i watched one video, put my big girl panties on and conquered the gd coconut. it was a piece of cake. this flavor combination may seem a bit odd for a dessert, however, rest assured it’s awesome. beets are naturally sweet and earthy and their flavor is complimented by the tart and punchy cranberry.  have you ever tried unsweetened cranberry juice? it makes you pucker! these two flavors are tied together with creamy coconut and cashews and finished with a touch of tangerine zest. it’s quite divine. beetroot as a delectable dessert flavor, who knew?

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thai inspired clam chowder

November 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

i had previously made this recipe from bon appetit’s website (scrumptious) and then saw this recipe on pinterest. the recipe that i present to you today is born from my inability to follow the second recipe. as i was trying to make the clam chowder i got bored/annoyed and said fuck it and went with what was on hand and what was easiest (least amount of dishes used). the bonus about this recipe is that’s dairy free. it’s really rich, savory and scrumptious. on occasion getting impatient with a recipe has served me well! my thai inspired clam chowder has a secret ingredient that has no place in a thai recipe, but we’ll just role with it.

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tutorial: how to dice an onion

October 24, 2012 § 7 Comments

i once read about how to properly dice an onion while nerding out at the library. it changed my life. i want to impart this genius on you dear readers, so i had the mr. create this nifty tutorial. please note this is the lazy efficient version, a version of the nerd book method (i omit some hazardous horizontal cuts). let me know what you think, yea or nay? how do you dice an onion? also, how to avoid onion tears.

music: django reinhardt – lambeth walk

blueberries galore

September 19, 2012 § 5 Comments

we hit a pretty important milestone here at the sorel household. on august 26th the little snicklefritz of the house turned one. i’ll let that sink in. ONE. needless to say, there was cause for a wild and crazy celebration, which resulted in 3 blueberry desserts. oliver can eat his weight in blueberries. i’m fairly certain he inherited this trait from my mom. she too can probably eat her weight in blueberries. when oliver was a teensy olive, he didn’t tolerate dairy protein in my breast milk. i’ve spent the better part of the year avoiding dairy. now that oliver’s older, and that’s not a problem i’ve become quite fond of our new eating habits.  since then i’ve been destroying our kitchen figuring out new ways to satisfy my dairy free sweet tooth without compromising on flavor. i think these three deserts sum it up pretty nicely.

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keepin’ it real

September 3, 2012 § 3 Comments

i attempted to make this delicious pistachio pound cake. it tastes fantastic. needless to say it looks like ass. i knew as I was filling my loaf pan that it wasn’t going to work (i ignored the pan size measurements). oh well. lesson learned.

this weekend wasn’t all bad. there will be some goodies to come.

severin made me a little note so I don’t quit making food. he’ll starve.

keep it simple stupid

August 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

i’ve been accused of making things too complicated. this includes the food that i like to make. i enjoy the process of cooking and get caught up in the idea that complicated is better. if a recipe is too easy it loses it’s appeal. i’m realizing now the error of my ways.  not everything has to be hard. in fact, i’m working on building an arsenal of quick delicious recipes. i picked up this one from my mother-in-law. this is a simple carrot salad with a basic vinaigrette. i’ve always been put off by carrot salads. one too many raisin-studded mayo saturated potluck salads is to blame. this refreshing salad is a great departure from the potluck version. the sweet crunch of the carrot contrasts nicely with the spicy tartness of the vinaigrette. its perfection in every bite. it’s so easy to make and you already have everything on hand. you’re welcome.

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